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About Life Coach Sue

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Being a lifetime student in the art of living with a curious mind, I continue to learn all I can about spirituality and how I can best serve humankind.  I am very proud of the personal relationship I have with God, Jesus, and Angels, who are always guiding and inspiring me to share the Spirit-guided gifts bestowed upon me. For as long as I can recall, I have had an intuitive ability and was naturally "life coaching" before it was even "a thing". After being blindsided with some personal issues sidelining me from a job, I decided rather than dwell on the down side, I saw it as a blessing and an opportunity to begin my own business. Offering Life Coaching is something more like a life path to be honored rather than a career. I enjoy helping others experience the joys of finally living a life of their own design. I am here to help plant seeds of change in the areas of a person’s life they wish to see change in, and do this through Life Coaching or Hypnotherapy sessions, Angle and Spiritually-Aligned Oracle Card Readings, and even Toe Readings! 

A quote by the late Debbie Ford sums up why I have aligned myself with the healing arts practices of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and more. “When you are humble enough to be used as a messenger and an instrument of the Divine, it is easy to see that your vision chooses you and that you have the choice of whether to honor it.”  I chose to honor the vision and find there is a humbling sacredness every time I have the opportunity to “hold space” for a client.  

We all have our stories and I believe that I was placed here to be of service to others, to help folks find their true life path.  I've always believed in holistic methodology and in being a helper to others, but my story isn't as simple as waking up one day and saying I was going to become a  Life Coach.  The journey to where I am now was a rugged path, filled with detours and pitfalls along the way, many times pushing me down and taking me in directions that I never dreamed of going.  As often as I was knocked down, I got back up and ventured onward.  I knew my soul had a purpose here on earth because my story could have ended when I was four (4) years of age, but it did not. At that very young age of four (4), I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) and that impacted my life path more than anything else I have experienced because it provided me with the gift of resilience and ability to focus on what was happening around me, in the present moments.  At that very young age, I discovered I had the Spirit-given gift of Intuition.  Near Death Experiences were not as widely understood, back when I had mine, as they are now, so while it was agreed that "something" had happened to me during the time I was admitted into the hospital, given last rites, and then woke up in that hospital bed, I was told it would be best not to talk about it because other people might think I had lost my mind, they might not understand.  I wanted to talk about it but instead kept it inside and became a painfully introverted child.  

It was in that silence that I developed the keen sense of listening and observing, and this soon became my normal way of being (or showing up) in the world.  Many times throughout my life I was made to feel as if there was something wrong with me because of how quiet I was; however, I was simply taking in, and reflecting, on all the sights and sounds of the world around me. This reflection serves me well as I now work with clients to help them bring changes into their life. I learned compassion and an acceptance that we are all part of the human race, yet we are also very different in what we bring into the world.  As years passed I have the realization that we are all born into this world with unique gifts to share and, somehow, someway, events in our life will eventually place us on the path we are meant to walk.  It took me years to finally "show up" and brings my gifts forth into the world. 

With education in Healthcare Administration, Mind-Body Transformational Psychology, and Habit Change processes. I discovered I was able to turn my passion for helping others into a thriving Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy practice.  I have become more aware that in our society today, many people tend to feel broken or fragmented, as if they are missing key elements of something more in their life.  This is where Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition Coaching, and even Toe Reading, can be the right path to bringing answers to the surface. When a person is able to bring together the combination of their health, work, relationship(s), and spirituality, they then have the ability to finally feel a sense of being whole.

I learned how to show up as a compassionate Life Transformation Coach, fully and passionately engaged in guiding and teaching others about optimal wholeness and well-being.  My coaching approach pulls in the unique pathways of the Hero's Journey, which is a journey each and every human is on during their lifetime.  I pull from a Treasure Trove of Life Coaching tools, a variety of Hypnotherapy scripts, utilizing key elements from "The Hero's Journey", and often use metaphors, along with my sense of Intuition, and compassionate humor, to help many people find ways they can ‘Create the Path, Purpose, Blueprint, Art, and Soul of their own life. I’ve been on the other side of change and am proof that, given the right tools to work with, allowing the right people to assist you, and being willing to make the investment in your own person growth, positive changes can (and will) take place in life. 

So now I really have to ask you...What is keeping you from allowing yourself the opportunity to recognize, re-define and re-discover your true potential? Contact me so we can have a conversation about how you can live your life on purpose!

Sue Shapiro, Certified Habit Change Practitioner, Life Transformation Coach & Hypnotherapist

AOS Mind-Body Transformational Psychology, Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), Certified Habit Change Practitioner, Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Trained in Life Transformation and Healing 

Member of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists

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IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLOSURES:  Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and other modalities offered through our business are not to be used as a substitute for professional counseling.  If, at any time during a session, it becomes clear there are underlying medical or psychiatric conditions requiring professional medical intervention, a referral will be made to the proper medical professional. Life Coaching is not counseling or therapy and is not to be used as a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, or substance abuse therapy.  Do not use Life Coaching in lieu of professional medical advice. Results and achievements of Life Coaching sessions are not guaranteed and results are the responsibility of the client.  When using Hypnotherapy please know that it may not be safe to forgo your conventional medical treatments and rely only on an alternative therapy.  Always tell your doctor if you are using an alternative therapy or if you are thinking about combining an alternative therapy with your conventional medical treatment.  Results and achievements of Hypnotherapy sessions are personal to each client and results cannot be guaranteed; however, most clients have reported positive impact after their sessions.

ADDITIONAL CLIENT NOTICE AND AGREEMENTS: By agreeing to hold a session with us, you (the client) understand that these various healing arts modalities are hands-off techniques and that we do not diagnose conditions, nor do we prescribe or perform medical treatment or interfere with medical treatment of a licensed professional. You (the client) understand these modalities do not take the place of medical care and that these services are used in a complimentary fashion with any other medical care you may be receiving, both physical and psychological.  We ask that you inform your medical provider of your decision to receive these alternative methods to be used along with your current medical care (if this applies).

You (the client) understand that intuitive readings, spiritual guidance, coaching, or hypnotherapy sessions are offered for the purpose of your personal or spiritual development, potential healing, or spiritual advisement. These sessions are, in no way, predictive and there are no guaranteed outcomes.  You (the client) understand that we are not qualified to answer questions pertaining to medical, psychological, financial, or legal issues. The content of the sessions you (the client) receive from Spirit Knows Life Coaching, a subsidiary of Creative Life Purpose, is subject to your own interpretation, and in no way constitutes, nor is intended to replace psychological, medical, financial, business, legal, or other advice.